Learn all that there is to be aware of Massage Therapy in Dallas, TX

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa are glad to give master knead treatment in Dallas, TX, utilizing an assortment of back rub procedures. Look further into the spa medicines we give and how the back rub can assist with easing specific areas of inconvenience. Whether you need a day to loosen up from the burdens of everyday day-to-day existence or have a particular issue or agony that can be feeling better with kneading, our master rub specialist will make them feel far improved quickly. Learn all about massage spa in Dallas, TX.

massage spa in Dallas, TX

Offering a Wide Range of Massage Services:

  • Swedish back rub treatment

It comprises long, liquid strokes of muscle and tissue with pressure from light to medium to firm. This kind of back rub is viewed as one of the most unwindings. Your back rub specialists will change the strain because of your awareness and inclination.

  • Tissue profundity

Slow, profound directed strokes and muscular strain are utilized in this method to assuage extreme pressure and arrive beneath the superficial muscles. Profound Tissue Massage is often suggested for individuals with progressing agony and touchiness in both vast and little muscle gatherings.

  • Sports

Hand and Stone Massage’s games rub administrations can help you whether you’re recuperating from a physical issue, preparing for an upcoming occasion, or attempting to get your body in the ideal shape.

  • The Hot Stone

Our unique Hot Stone Massage is a back rub treatment that integrates warmed stones to similar standards as Swedish Massage, bringing about profound unwinding. Heat applied to the explicit region of the body further develops sensations of unwinding and harmony.

  • The Trigger Point

To forestall patterns of muscle agony and fits, this back rub utilizes focused finger strain on each trigger point.

  • Pre-birth rub

It is a supporting back rub that spotlights the unique requirements of pregnant ladies. Situating pads and pads are utilized to develop support further, alleviate pressure, and advance unwinding in both the body and the brain.