The Best Self Tanners – All Natural Tea Tan

With the warning bells tolling Clear and loud about the harmful effects of the UV rays, the sheer idea of the greatest self-tanners are rendering the identical bronze look without the damaging effects of sun exposure. The self-tanning product range was broadened as a result of the new technological improvements in the beauty sector. If you would like to find a natural looking sun kissed tan without the damaging effects of chemicals, then stick to the all natural way and buys a sunless tanning product. Self-tanning is currently possible with all organic black tea extracts.

Due To its capacity to temporarily irritate the skin, the all organic black tea tan has become one of the most popular methods to make a glowing tan.

Steps To create your own tea tan solution

You Can also create your own black tea tanner in the home and preserve it in a bottle. As a matter of fact, the approach is really simple. The actions listed below will take through the procedure.

Step 1: Boil 1 quarter tap water

Step 2: Put 10 black tea bags in a tea kettle

Step 3: Pout the 1 quarter of boiling water over the 10 tea bags

Step 4: Cover it closely and let the bags remain for half an hour

Step 5: Now remove all the tea bags carefully

Step 6: Transfer the black tea into a spray bottle

You Have made your own natural tanner and now it is time for the application procedure.

The application process

Prior To beginning the application process, have a shower and exfoliate your skin nicely to be certain that all of the dead skin cells are removed.

Work On each specific section individually. Or in other words, work on one section at a time. Begin with your legs and then gradually move to your arms, face and neck. Rub the solution well and evenly to allow it to work gently to your skin. Repeat the procedure 10 days to intensify the effect.

Length Of the procedure depends upon the product that you choose to buy tea online india. The revolutionary notion of wash off self tanners provides the customers with a brief application process time. Simply apply desired amount of product on your skin to find a temporary tan and then wash the tea tan off by simply soap and water.

So, what can you expect from the wash off self-tanners made from black tea?

  • Expect an immediate and instant bronze appearance with organic tea extracts
  • A stunning tan nearly immediately
  • Improved look in the areas of skin with imperfections
  • Brightened skin colour
  • Moisturized and nourished skin using anti-aging properties
  • Easy removal procedure

If you will need a one night tan, you need to think about the organic tea tan solution.